Everyone is WELCOME sign on a concrete wall.

Inner Hospitality

The ability to offer deep hospitality in the world starts at a personal level, with inner hospitality. 

When things change inside of you, things change around you. ~unknown

Inner hospitality is welcoming, appreciating, and valuing all of the many parts of yourself.  SoulCollage® does an amazing job of helping you do that!  Wonderful self connection and understanding develop as you create small collages to visualize inner parts of yourself and give voice to those parts, .

This video shows me giving voice to one of my inner parts.

Now is a great time to show hospitality to yourself and watch that hospitality ripple out into your relationships and community.


The best way to learn SoulCollage® is to personally experience it.  If you are in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado, here are two great opportunities for you to experience inner hospitality with this amazing process:


Top Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash