Standing in the center of the labyrinth, looking at the mountains

Star Wars and other Transition Tools

Years ago when my son was young, he would get very sad when he had to leave his grandparents’ house after a visit.  His goto transition was to watch a Star Wars movie for the first couple of hours on the drive home.  Now, I’m the one who is sad when he leaves after visiting us.  I joke that I’m going to put Star Wars on (and sometimes I do).

Things change.  Sometimes we want them to and sometimes we don’t.  Either way there is a time of transition into what comes next.

What helps you transition from where you were to where you are going?  

Watching Star Wars isn’t going to work for everyone.  🙂  Another transition tool I enjoy is the labyrinth.  The movement into and out of the center is a natural transition from one thing to another. 

Here are two ways to walk a labyrinth or use a finger labyrinth to intentionally move from where you were to where you are going next.

When leaving something you enjoyed:

  • As you move into the center:  Let your breath and movement bring the experience into your heart.
  • In the center:  Let the experience and your gratitude for the experience fill you. 
  • As you move towards the exit:  Breathe into the awareness that you bring the experience with you as you move into what will come next.

When leaving something that was difficult:

  • As you move into the center:  Bring awareness to your breath.  Breathe in cleansing.  Breathe out and let go of what you don’t want to take with you.
  • In the center:  Gently breathe with self-compassion.  Be open to receive what you need to move into wholeness.
  • As you move towards the exit:  Feel your steps or the movement of your finger taking you forward into something new.

These are ideas you can adapt to fit your situation.  It would be wonderful to hear your about experiences and what other transition tools you use.  You can share in our Facebook group, Wisdom-sharing Path, or send us an email.

p.s. You can read about using SoulCollage® to move forward here.