A foot in sandals stepping on a rock.

Moving Forward

Each day is filled with steps forward.  Some are so easy that you hardly notice.  Others are clunky, difficult or challenging in some way and call for a bit of extra attention.

Here are some questions that can smooth your way forward:

  • Where I am now?
  • What would be good to take with me?
  • What would be good to leave here?
  • What attitude will help me move forward?
  • What action can I take to get started?

Journaling, walking a labyrinth, spending time in nature or using another favorite reflection tool can be a great way to spend time with these questions.

You can see how I used my SoulCollage® cards and these questions to think about moving forward into a new week in this video.

Video still image of a deck of SoulCollage® Card. Video control buttons at the bottom. 

May your week be blessed with forward motion!