Imaginarium room sign

Imagine if…

I have fallen in love with imagination.  And if you fall in love with imagination, you understand that it is a free spirit.  It will go anywhere, and it can do anything.  ~Alice Walker

If your Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand and created the perfect place for you and your imagination to fall in love…

  • Where would it be?
  • What would be there?
  • What would you do together?  

We’ve created a space at the Creative Life Center for you and your imagination to have fun together!  Take a look around the new Imaginarium in this slideshow.

Still image for slideshow

When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience before her and enters into her own image.  ~Meister Eckart

The Center’s Imaginarium is a wonderful place to step out of your day to day activities and into the image of what you want to experience.  It’s full of welcoming inspiration.  The tables, abundance of images, and tools available make it a great place for creativity to thrive

Looking into the Imaginarium

We are using the Imaginarium to offer SoulCollage® card making in new ways:

A hand pulling out a tray of magazine images.

Are you looking for a meeting place for your group?  The Imaginarium can be rented either on it’s own or in combination with our event room.

View of the inside of the Imaginarium.

It’s time for you and your imagination to have some fun!