Help Wanted….Apply Within

Help Wanted…

You hear what is happening from all corners of the world.

You know quickly and see graphically.

Apply Within…

Slowly breath in and drop into your heart – the place where creativity, love, peace, imagination and strength dwell.

As you release your breath, send peace, hope, goodness and healing into the atmosphere.

Your help is wanted, along with help from around the world, to create a wave of peace on World Labyrinth Day.   

On Saturday,  May 4th people around the world will walk labyrinths at 1:00 pm in their time zone.

Graphic of a flat world map with labyrinths superimposed over the continents.

The Creative Life Center will be contributing to the wave of peace and would love for you, your friends, family and neighbors to join us.

Everyone is welcome at our free community labyrinth walk happening on Saturday, May 4th in Arvada, Colorado.  A short opening gathering begins at 12:45 pm, and at 1:00 pm you will start walking a wonderful outdoor labyrinth.   (Click here for more information.)

Labyrinths are an easy and readily available way to bring peace, anchoring, and clarity.  Simply initiate the movement from your heart; no special experience or skills needed.   

Click here to print a free finger labyrinth and information on how to use it.

Use this link to find a labyrinth near you:



Help create a tsunami of peace, hope, health, transformation and goodness by Walking as One!

p.s.  There is another labyrinth opportunity for you on Saturday, May 11th!  Connect with labyrinths using oil pastels at  Creating Your Personal Labyrinth for Your Spiritual Journey with Suzanne Frazier.