Through Time

Were you there?  Six years ago on April 13 in 2013, we unveiled the Creative Life Center with an open house at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church.

Picture of an event open house.

This year on April 13, the Center’s Westminster space was home to a vibrant group using SoulCollage® and also therapist Mary Foster and her clients.  Something clicked and I realized that four of us who were at that Creative Life Center open house were together again at the Center, exactly six years later.  (One of those people is in both of these photos.)  That serendipity put a big smile on my face!

Many people involved in our first open house are active members of the Creative Life Center community today!

  • Mary Foster, who led people in Qigong during the open house, has her therapy practice in our Westminster space.  We have so much fun together here!
  • Laura Lyon shared SoulCollage® with people at the open house.  I’m excited to have her assisting me at my SoulCollage® Facilitator Training this August!
  • Carolyn Jennings was at the open house talking about journaling.  One of her writing groups meets regularly at the Center.
  • Suzanne Frazier showed her artwork and shared her love of contemplative art during the open house.  Suzanne offers contemplate art workshops here.
  • Marsha Clark brought her rolling pin to the open house and showed people how to use it when dealing with pain.  This past year Marsha wrote a series of daily blessings for a special project at the Center.

It is delightful to think about what has continued throughout all the changes of the Center.   Three of the Center mainstays, the labyrinth, Reiki, and SoulCollage®,  were all part of the open house.  Their presence is constant; their manifestations evolve.

There are two labyrinth events happening in May.  We’ll be holding a free community walk on World Labyrinth Day on Saturday, May 4th.  The following Saturday you can connect with labyrinths using oil pastels at  Creating Your Personal Labyrinth for Your Spiritual Journey with Suzanne Frazier.

People are so thankful for the  relaxation and relief they receive from Eva during Reiki sessions.  Eva has expanded her training to become a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master and now teaches people to give Reiki to help themselves and others.

SoulCollage® at the Center has grown to include Facilitator Training and Card Quest groups.  Watch for another new twist to SoulCollage offerings coming this summer!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Perhaps change and continuity are more related than they appear at first glance!

Thank you for being part of both the changes and the continuity at the Creative Life Center!

Clock photo: Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash