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Creating the Community You Desire

Are you searching for either of these:

  • Connection with other people interested in personal and spiritual exploration
  • Encouragement to follow your unique path and support it with spiritual practice

They are common challenges for many people at the Creative Life Center!

The desire to create new community and personal support happens throughout life for all kinds of reasons.  Here are a few of them:

  • Moving
  • Retiring or changing jobs
  • Kids moving out (or back in)

Eva and I found a connection between these two common challenges and what we love to do and do well at the Center – creating small group communities centered around personal spiritual practice!

Regularly meeting small groups are an answer to both challenges. When groups meet to share in spiritual practice, relationship is created that ties the group together and supports each individual on their personal path.

With that in mind, we have designed a new program using SoulCollage® cards to connect you to kindred community while supporting you on your path.

Introducing Card Quest groups!

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  • Six people getting to know each other personally over six months
  • Meeting two hours each month: dates and times are tailored to each group
  • Being supported to be fully you and to follow your path
  • Having fun with your SoulCollage® deck: readings and other experiences

You can read more about Card Quest groups here.

As I mentioned in the video, another concern that we often hear is that there are people who would benefit from personal and spiritual exploration programs and don’t have the extra money to pay full price.

A sliding scale is being used for the first Card Quest groups, so that more people are able to be participate.  The suggested registration fee is $300 with a minimum of $80.  You choose your fee and pay after your group is formed.  Click here to read more about the sliding scale.

Can you picture yourself being part of the connection, support, and fun happening in a Card Quest group?  Let’s talk!

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