A childs hand picking up a colored block from a Jenga stack.

Building up? Tearing down?

In Mark Nepo’s insightful, new book about community, More Together Than Alone, he says:

We are all tied together in invisible places, the tearing of which diminishes us.  ~Mark Nepo

There is a lot of tearing down of community happening. Just last week a special conference of the United Methodist Church voted to further exclude LGBTQIA+ people.   (You can hear me talk more about that disturbing event here.)

You can be part of building up community!  The foundation of creating a healthy outer community is seeing and valuing all the parts of yourself, all of your diverse inner community.  If you can’t value and honor all of your inner diversity, how can you value and honor the beautifully diverse community of the world?

SoulCollage® is a simple and rich way to see your many different parts and bring them together into community.  You can learn the basics of SoulCollage® for only the price of the supplies you take home at this program.  It’s a gift from the Center to you and the community.

Playing with a Full Deck: SoulCollage® Basics
Monday, March 18th,1:00 to 2:30 pm or 6:30 to 8:00 pm

One of the first things you’ll do at this or any other Center program is to join us in saying the Creative Life Center affirmation:

I see my wisdom.
I see your wisdom.
We share and expand our wisdom in community.

Those three simple statements build healthy, expansive community.

The Creative Life Center sees the invisible places that tie us together and values the community of all.  YOU are welcome here!

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(Purchasing through the Amazon link given above may benefit the Creative Life Center.  Thank you!)