When Angels Talk…

Two weeks ago I woke up with ideas for a retreat popping into my head – a retreat exploring change and making choices.  Lots of possibilities were bubbling up including using: Eve, Oprah, maps, Alice in Wonderland, balls of yarn, Indiana Jones, SoulCollage®, David Whyte, Jan Richardson, dragons, and labyrinths.  And yes, amazingly they do all weave together!

Where did all of this early morning inspiration come from?  Perhaps it was my guiding angel, Veronica, talking to me.  She’s not one for beating around the bush when it is time to get things done.  Veronica tells it to me straight and is ready to help me make things happen.  (She is the one pictured in the SoulCollage® card above.)

Two weeks ago I didn’t know it was the time to plan a retreat.  Now Eva and I are actively working on it.

This past weekend we visited a possible retreat location in Manitou Springs.  

Marcia and Eva standing in front of the SunMountain Center, a 1912 craftsman style house.

While this is a lovely place, it lacks a crucial component.  It isn’t accessible for people who use a knee scooter or wheel chair or for other reasons don’t climb stairs.  So, the search continues.  If you know of a wonderful place for a retreat for 10-16 people that is accessible and within a couple of hours of Denver, please let us know.  Thank you!

When my angels talk, I pay attention. 

Would you like to see what your angels look like?  You can create SoulCollage® cards for them at Friends, Angels, and Other Lovers on Sunday afternoon, February 17th.  I’m excited to be doing this program at the aMUSED Woman Studios in Centennial, Colorado.  Information and registration is here on their website.