Three handmade affirmations cards: I Am unique light, I Am Daring, I Am Believing in me

One Thing Leads to Another

I tried something new and fun last week – collaging I AM Affirmation cards.  Unlike SoulCollage® cards, the focus of attention is on the words used.  (SoulCollage® cards usually have only images and no words on them.)

You can see me creating cards at super speed in this time lapse video.

Video still with playing controls, showing a pair of scissors on top of a paper with "I Am" typed in 4 columns.

Eva had a great idea inspired by the cards that we used as we walked a labyrinth in Boulder on Saturday.  As we walked in, we invited I am… statements to float through our thoughts.  Here are some that appeared:

  • I am feeling grounded
  • I am relaxing
  • I am off to see the Wizard  (LOL – guess who was thinking that one!)

Picture of a woman in a purple shirt and dark pants walking an outdoor labyrinth with traces of snow on it.

In the center of the labyrinth, I paused and waited to receive an I am… affirmation to take out with me.  As I looked at the Rocky Mountains in front of me, I felt my chest expand.  I played around with wording an affirmation to reflect what I was feeling.

I am big.  No, not quite…  I am expansive.  YES!

I left the labyrinth with a new affirmation – and a new card to make.

I am expansive!

Give it a try!  Go walk a labyrinth or use a finger labyrinth and see what I am… statement is waiting for you in the center. 

It would be an honor to hear about your experience in Wisdom-sharing Path, the Creative Life Center’s private Facebook group.

p.s.  If you’re interested in making your own affirmation cards,  you can find that awesome collage workshop and 20 others in 21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors available here.  (This is an affiliate link – buying through it supports the Creative Life Center.)