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Rituals or Resolutions?

There is a brand new year on the horizon!

What if you started 2019 with rituals instead of resolutions?

Don’t let the word “ritual” trip you up.  You don’t have to buy incense, find a voodoo doll, or create an elaborate ceremony.  Think in terms of something simple and meaningful to you.  Imagine an action or even a way of being for a few minutes that connects you with the change you want to happen.

A ritual to use is a personal choice and will vary for different people even when they are considering similar resolutions.  Try these steps to discover rituals that fit for you.

  1. Think about a resolution you are considering for 2019.
  2. What would change in your life if you kept that resolution?
  3. Let your heart and mind open up to ideas of rituals that invite in the same changes.  Make a list and then choose one or more that are most appealing.

Here is a hypothetical example.  Remember even if you are thinking about a similar resolution, your responses to the three steps will likely take you along a different path and lead you to different rituals.

Resolution – I am going to go to the gym 3 times a week!

If I do…  I will feel good about my body and be more connected to it.

List of rituals to invite in those changes:

  • Spend a few minutes when I get up and before I go to bed noticing what is happening with my body
  • Pay attention to the muscles in my legs working as I walk up and down stairs
  • Smile when I look in the mirror

Would doing those rituals mean that I don’t go to the gym?  Not necessarily.  What it does mean is that my focus is on the ritual and what I desire.  That might even be just what is needed to want to go to the gym rather than force myself with a resolution.

What would it look like if you started 2019 with rituals instead of resolutions?  Try it and see!

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Happy 2019 to you and yours!

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