Winding Down or Gearing Up?

(Marcia is in Arizona giving a SoulCollage® Facilitator Training so I get to have fun sharing my thoughts with you this week!  Eva)

December is a busy month.  The holidays are upon us and the year is ending.  I’m not sure if I am winding down or gearing up — but I know that change is happening. 

The other day I pulled an oracle card that suggested that embracing boredom was a good thing for me.  I scoffed at the idea. I can’t even remember the last time I was bored!  As a matter of fact, I referred  to the word “bored” as the “B-word” when my kids were growing up and I would most certainly find something for them to do if anyone mentioned it. 

December is a time to nurture faith, hope, and vision for the new year. It is a time to reach out to the world and connect with something larger.

Maybe the message behind the card that said to take time to be bored was to take time to be present and experience a sense of peace that allows me to receive from the connection to something larger than myself?

Through writing this to you, I believe I now understand the real message: 

Whether you are winding down or gearing up, be present.

The beginning of a new year also offers a sense of freshness with a vista of new experiences ahead.  Open the door into your 2019 to look at what is ahead:

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Picture of a SoulCollage card with a opening door and a moon, woman, feather, and labyrinth on the other side of the door.