Photo of a brown wooden footbridge surrounded by pink petaled flowers with creek underneath during daytime.

Magical Moments

Sometimes you know right away you are experiencing a magical moment, and other times they slip in quietly to be discovered later.

Every journey has magical moments, whether you are physically traveling or taking an inner journey, perhaps with a book or a retreat.

Magical moments are experiences or new understandings that would not have happened without being on the journey.  But magical moments aren’t found on an itinerary or agenda.  They are unanticipated things that simply happen. 

Some of my magical moments…

A few years ago we took our high school age kiddos to Universal Studios in Florida.  While the kids were off doing rides beyond our middle-aged comfort level, we walked around the “New York” area of the park.  We walked in to a shop offering a Tarot card reading for a bit of fun and walked out wowed by the quality of the reader.  Our experience was so beyond what we thought we’d find in the middle of an amusement park that we turned around after leaving the shop and half expected it to have disappeared – Harry Potter style.  That reading was a magical moment of the trip for me.

Listen to this video to hear about magical moments from my trip to the Oregon coast and a dinner with friends.

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What are some of your magical moments?  Pop over to our private Facebook group, Wisdom-sharing Path, and let’s share stories.  🙂

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Take a trip down memory lane by creating your own unique collage of a journey with a magical moment nestled in it.

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First photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash