Closeup photo of a gas gauge on a black dashboard with the arrow pointing to full.

Is your tank full?

Have you ever felt that empowered, ready-to-go feeling leaving a gas station with a full tank of gas?

As I left the gas station with that full-steam ahead feeling, I realized it wasn’t the the arrow on my dashboard that was lifting me up.  I was feeling empowered by a full internal energy reservoir!  I had finally taken time over the weekend to fill my internal tank by doing art.  

Check in with yourself for a moment.   What is the level of your internal tank?

Oil pastel drawing, a closeup of a red flow with yellow center.

Regular topping off helps keep you running smoothly.

There are days when you need deeper replenishment.

Once in a while your batteries need a full recharge.

  • Disappear into a book or binge watch your favorite TV show
  • Go on a weekend (or longer!) retreat
  • Take off on a vacation

You need fuel in your internal tank to keep going!

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Mandala drawn with oil pastels: light tan outer boundary with reddish balls, then gray blue circles. The core is dark almost black. In between are orange free form sections, green around the core, and pale beige.