Section of a form asking "What pronouns do you use?"

It’s Your Choice!

What pronouns do you use for yourself?
Why do we ask this question on the registration form for the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training happening at the Creative Life Center this fall?
The Main Reason for Asking
The #1 reason for asking is for the people who understand why it is there.  We want you to feel welcome!  The Creative Life Center appreciates the spectrum of gender identity and expression and is 100% behind each person choosing what pronouns to be called.

And Very Close Behind

Another reason for asking is for the people who don’t understand why we ask the question.  We want you to know that one way for trans people and others to know they are seen and welcome is to ask what pronouns they use.

Asking people about their pronoun choice and using their pronouns may take some getting used to.  It’s worth doing for the same reasons that you make an effort to know and use someone’s name.  You are showing the person that you value them!

Handy Tips

One way to help connection in groups is to have people write their pronouns on their name tags.

If this is all new to you here is a helpful article with more information.