Purple and white bearded iris in an outdoor bed.

Replanting with TLC

To grow well and be healthy, iris need to be thinned and replanted periodically.  Our iris have been ready for some TLC for a while. 

Picture of a clump of an overgrown clump of iris

Last week, I trimmed the leaves, lifted clumps of iris, and carefully sorted out the strong growing rhizomes from the older rhizomes that would not bloom again. 

Picture of a clump of iris rhizomes

With the bed empty, there was space to turn the soil and replant so that the iris have room to spread.

Picture of a newly planted iris bed.

As I worked, I found parallels between what I was doing with the iris and what is happening at the Creative Life Center:

  • Noticing it’s time for change  
  • Evaluating and choosing what to bring forward
  • Creating space for new growth

The Center is in the midst of being “replanted” to help it be healthy and continue growing towards our guiding vision

We are making changes because we feel so strongly about keeping the Center going, and so does the Creative Life Center community.

I just love what you are doing!  Your Center’s message has such a beautiful clear energy!  ~Leslie O, Denver

I believe there is divine work at play at the Center.  Know that I am standing in support of your creative energy and receptive spirit.  ~Georgianne H, Westminster

I want to see CLC grow and thrive.  ~Laura L, Boulder

The Creative Life Center has a consistent aim of empowering women.  It’s a passion I share with the founders, Marcia and Eva, and so moving my counseling practice into one of the offices at the Center was a no-brainer.  This place has the nurturing soil that helps women grow their confidence, self-esteem, courage, and strength.  Our community needs to support and keep an empowering and steady place like this.  ~Mary M Foster, MA LPC

One area of change at the Center is Eva is looking for a full time technical job, and finding another practitioner to rent her office.  Eva will continue to work part time at the Center, exactly how that looks is unfolding.  (If you have been looking forward to a Reiki session, now is the time!  You can also enjoy a fun morning with Eva at Sun, Water, and Fun on Wednesday, July 25th.)

Expanded support from the Creative Life Center community is also part of the foundation for the Center’s future.  Here are some quick and simple opportunities for you to help:

  • Introduce your friends to the Center
  • Refer a body worker, coach, or spiritual director to rent an office
  • Register for a Center event
  • Use the event room 
  • Purchase SoulCollage® supplies or a painting

Direct donations to the Creative Life Center are also appreciated!

You are helping “replant” the Creative Life Center with your support and TLC.  Thank you!