An acrylic painting of the sun setting over water with red,orange, and yellow reflections in the water.

Igniting Greatness

A year ago I sailed off on a journey with a group of women I didn’t know.  We enjoyed quenching our thirst for creativity, breathing deeply as we worked hard, being grounded in community, and catching on fire as we owned our greatness.  Through it all we were guided, gifted with information, sung to, and totally seen by Connie Solera of Dirty Footprints Studio.

Yesterday we finished our journey through IGNITE, an online intensive filled with art making,  teaching practices, and heart-centered business foundation.  I left connected with an amazing group of women!

I brought you home a gift from my journey, and it’s not a T-shirt.  🙂  It’s 11 free mini-workshops created by myself and ten of the other marvelous artists from IGNITE.  Our Spotlight is filled with diverse topics and ideas for you to tap into your creativity and greatness!  It’s totally free, our gift to you.  (You don’t even give out your email address.)  Pick it up here.

Image with a pink and yellow flame with the words IGNITE Spotlight underneath.

The biggest gift that IGNITE gave me was reflecting my greatness back to me and guiding me to reflect other people’s greatness to them.

You have your own unique greatness!  Sometimes your gifts flow out of you so easily that you don’t notice them or realize how special they are.  One of the blessings we can offer each other is to notice each other’s greatness and reflect it back with appreciation.  This simple practice is a breath of fresh air and changes everything.

Seeing and owning your greatness will set you on fire!

A stylized painting of a sunset over water.

p.s.  These acrylic paintings are from my work during IGNITE.  The top painting, Reflecting the Sun, was one of my first paintings from July 2017.  This month I painted the bottom one, Fire on the Horizon.  If you are smitten, they are for sale.  🙂