Now I get it!

Have you ever looked at something in the same way for months or maybe even years, and then something clicks and you have a new or deeper understanding?

This happened for me as I was preparing for the last month’s Fresh Start: New Moon Labyrinth walk.  Each month I share about the new moon as a great time to plant the seeds of intention and about the magic that happens when you combine the energy of the new moon with the power of the labyrinth.

Click!  I realized that it’s not abracadabra magic

Walking to the center of the labyrinth is an opportunity to release those things that are pulling your attention away from your intention to be open to new ideas and possibilities.  Your time in the center of the labyrinth is a place to receive ways to act on your intentions.  You may receive an inkling for something to do, say, or feel or specific steps to take.  The key is that you return from the center of the labyrinth with what you experience and then put your attention (aka energy) towards your intention. 

I truly get it now!

Energy follows intention.
Energy follows attention.
What you add energy to grows.

When intention and attention are flowing in the same direction the outcome is enhanced.  When your intention is directed one way and your attention is a going a different way it creates stress and disappointment.

Labyrinths, SoulCollage®, and Reiki are all marvelous ways to align your intentions and attention!

Remember, those things you add energy to grow!  It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of energy.  Each act, word, and thought that applies energy in the same direction as your intention is an action cultivating growth.