Head or Heart?

Our western culture has a tendency to give more credit for using your brain than it does for using your heart.  Decisions based on a formula or analyzed data are given more credibility.  It can even be more acceptable to make a wrong decision from the head than a heart-based decision.  

It’s no wonder that you can struggle with what your head says versus what your heart is telling you!

And yet your heart can feel things that your head doesn’t know.

You have probably felt this after a traumatic experience has occurred.  You might not know anything at all about what happened, but as soon as you walk into a room with those who do, you feel the sadness or worry.  And you automatically feel lighter walking into a room where someone is experiencing a heart-warming, joyous event.

As well as receiving from others, you can send calm and peace to others around you ​​just by feeling calm and peaceful within.

To become a conduit for the healing energy of Reiki, you still your head and open to what shows up.   During Reiki training, students practice feeling rather than analyzing:

  • Dropping into their heart and exploring what their senses offer
  • Discovering what their mind might be missing
  • Opening to what shows up (without needing a logical explanation)

You are invited to come quiet your mind and open your heart at the next Reiki I training, on April 7, 2018.  More…