The Vastness of Who You Are

Often when I read a blog post or email, a phrase pops out at me.  “The vastness of who we are” caught my attention in Laura Lyon’s recent newsletter.

What is the vastness of who you are?

Your vastness is beyond what you can put your arms around.  It is more than your mind alone can grasp.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and open your heart to feel into the vastness of who you are.

Does your vastness have a color?  Are there words or images associated with it?  What emotions or physical sensations are associated with your vastness?

Your vastness is endless, and connecting to it is an ever expanding experience.  Here are some of the unlimited ways to explore your vastness:

Speaking your truth and sharing your wisdom are ways of stepping into your vastness.  If you enjoy Facebook, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Join the discussion in our free Facebook group, Wisdom-sharing Path
  • Play with Facebook live videos during Making Friends with Live Video.  (This experience is especially for you if you are frazzled with the whole idea of doing a live video or don’t know how to get started.)

Community and connection can be avenues into your vastness.  Be in circle with other heart-centered people at these Center experiences:

May you feel the vastness of who you are calling to you, and may you reach back.