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7 Ways to Say Goodbye to 2017

There is value and beauty in saying goodbye!  So much is lost when you bypass goodbye and jump right into what is next.

Give grace filled intention to stepping out of 2017 so you:

  • Fully receive the gifts of 2017
  • Let go of what doesn’t need to move into 2018
  • Make space for the new that is to come

7 Ways to Say Goodbye to 2017

#1 Picture Your Year

Pick 12 pictures from the year that make you smile, and find ways to look at them throughout the month.  Use them for your computer screen saver or phone wallpaper.  Print the pictures and put them up on your refrigerator.  Create a holiday letter to send to everyone.   🙂

#2 Let It Go…

Your body can latch onto stress and other things that you don’t need to bring into 2018 with you.  Now is the time to release and let go!Video thumbnail of a women looking at the camera and holding her hand on her opposite arm. Click to start the video.

#3 Oh, the Places You’ve Gone!

Where have you been this year?  Make a list of all the places that you can remember going to this year.  Cool stores, wonderful beaches, not so fun airports – anything and everything.

#4 Being YOU

Your Self path is your unique way of being in this world.  What did you do this year to feed your soul?  Are there things that you tried that didn’t quite fit?

#5 The Dear Ones

Another path you’ve walked in 2017 is your Relationship path, your connections with valued others.  Who are those dear ones, those people that have been important to you this year?  Let them know over a cup of coffee, with a phone call, or even a heart felt email.

#6 We Are in This Together

Your Self and Relationship paths don’t stand alone.  They join with your Community path, the path you walk in the world.  What have you done this year to bring your voice and gifts to your communities?

#7 What’s in a Name?

If your year was a movie or a book, what would its title be?  Does it have a subtitle?

These are ideas to get you started.  What is at the heart of saying goodbye to 2017 for you?

We’ll be sharing about this topic throughout the month on our Facebook page and talking about it in our private Facebook group, Wisdom-sharing Path.

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Whether you had a great 2017 or a year that you are glad is over, this free online event is for you!

  • Fully receive the gifts of 2017
  • Let go of what doesn’t need to move into 2018
  • Make space for the new that is to come

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It will be great to step out of 2017 with you!