Closeup of an acrylic painting of a wise woman - dark skin, wrinkles, graying hair, and warm expression.

Adding Another Layer

One of the wonderful things about painting is watching the steps it goes through.  Often the early layers of a painting are very different from what it becomes in the end.

Here are the first and last layers of Grandmother Midwife.

Picture of the first shapes of an acrylic painting. It is a rough spiral in red and dark green with red marks within the path of the spiral.   Finished painting of Grandmother Midwife. She has brown skin with wrinkles and dark eyes. Her hair is also dark and graying.

Click here to watch the progression from beginning to end in a video on our Facebook page.

It’s fun watching the steps the Creative Life Center goes through too!  One of our very early layers was a brief exploration of starting a bed and breakfast.  You wouldn’t know from seeing the Center now.  (Just like you wouldn’t know Grandmother Midwife is on top of a red spiral.)

We are always changing and adjusting, adding new layers.  Some layers are big changes like moving into our Westminster space last spring.  Other layers are smaller adjustments that you might not even notice.  Our newest layer is in response to multiple requests.  Maybe you were one of the people who asked for it?

We are excited to announce the inaugural online session of our well-loved Spiraling In program!  Spiraling In To 2018 is now available both as a small group in person program and as an online program.

The online program is designed around three live video calls on Sunday, January 14th and a private Facebook group.  The calls will be recorded so you can listen to them later if you can’t be on live.  We are celebrating this new online version with a special low price of $79!  More…

If you would rather enjoy the program in-person with a small group, the Saturday, January 13th session at our Westminster space is the place for you.  Registration is $149.  The early registration bonus gift of a half price healing energy session is available until December 15th.  More…

No matter where you live or what your schedule is, you can be part of Spiraling In To 2018 and move into the new year with grace-filled intention, rich vision and concrete plans!   

It would be wonderful to start 2018 with you either in person or virtually!