Picture of a woman's head from the back as she walks a labyrinth with stone boundaries.

Come as You Are

When I’m confused, I like to walk a labyrinth to sort things out.  A week ago I went to a labyrinth to think about a project.  When I got to the center during my walk, I sat and journaled.  The ideas that came while writing and walking out were just what I needed!

The blessing of a labyrinth is that it welcomes you right where you are.  As you are.  

All you do is show up and let yourself be gently guided along the single winding path.   

There is no right or wrong way to use a labyrinth.  There is only your way: your pace, your movement, and your silence or voice.  Your heart and body will show you the way.

Your experience of walking a labyrinth happens naturally.  It doesn’t matter if this is your first time walking a labyrinth or you have walked many times before.  

“As this was my first time walking a public labyrinth in such an intentional way, I was amazed at how profound it felt to go in with such intention, and to walk with others.”  ~Frankie T., Denver, CO

Walking alone is a time of connecting to yourself and the All around you.

Enjoy a personal experience on the Center labyrinth.  One day each month our labyrinth is set up for you with quiet music and chairs for reflecting.  Savor a cup of coffee or tea before or after your walk.  You will leave refreshed and shifted.  

September’s personal walk day is Monday the 25th.  Drop by anytime from 9 am to 5 pm.  Click here for information about this free event.

Photo of a portion of a canvas labyrinth with purple boundaries. The legs of a woman can be seen walking it.

Walking with other people adds richness.   The collective group experience adds to your personal experience.

“Although I’d walked that same labyrinth numerous times, I immediately felt the added depth and richness created by walking as part of the new moon group.  It was a powerful for me.”  ~Carol O, Denver, CO

Group of people walking a large outdoor labyrinth together.

Enjoy the community of walking with others at our free new moon labyrinth walks, held on the morning of the new moon at different labyrinths in the Denver/Boulder area.  

September’s new moon walk is this Wednesday, the 20th at 10:30 am.  Get an email with directions and parking information with your free registration.  Click here for upcoming dates and registration. 

Finger labyrinths are a portable way to experience the labyrinth.  

Do you have trouble sleeping?  I have a paper finger labyrinth beside my bed.  Moving my finger through it helps me to release the day and relax into sleep.

Picture of a finger with mauve and green fingernail polish moving through a paper finger labyrinth.

5 free meditation experiences to use with a finger labyrinth:  Download our free finger labyrinth and you will receive a new mediation once a week for the next 5 weeks.  Click here to get started.

Labyrinths offer such a beautiful blessing; they are sacred space to be who and where you are in the moment. 

I invite you to use a labyrinth this week, and then share your experience with someone.  (If you are looking for a place to share, our free Facebook group is full of heart-centered people: Wisdom-sharing Path.)