Looking into a waiting room with a table and chairs, a seating area, and a plant on a stand. A massage table is visible in a room beyond.

My Heart is Singing

The positive response to our Westminster space makes my heart sing!

“I like your new space!”
(An appreciative client of Mary Foster, the therapist in our suite.)

“I’m floating in the clouds.”
(A relaxed healing energy client after her session with Eva.)

“My new mat boards were delivered today!  I now have 4 SoulCollage® cards!”
(An excited participant a few days after learning about SoulCollage®.)

“What a wonderful ‘opening night’ last night! Thank you for the space…”
(A happy presenter after using our event room.)

It is so gratifying to get feedback that this path of our hearts is connecting with the hearts of others!

What is making your heart sing?  Think about the compliments and affirming feedback that have come your way.  Write them down so you can reread them when you need a boost!

Are you a practitioner looking for a private practice room/office and thinking this environment would make your heart sing?  We have two spaces available that are perfect for healers, coaches, or other practitioners.  Close your door and you have your own space.  Open your door and be embraced in a friendly, supportive community.   More…