Here’s to being 60!

Where does the time go?  All of a sudden it is July and in a matter of days Eva will be 60.  Yes, 60!

Think of all of the different lives that Eva has lived over these 60 years.  The playful child, the challenging adolescent, the excited bride, the loving mother, the blooming woman, and the expanding empty nester.

Life generates wisdom.  Each experience, every interaction weaves together into your own inner wisdom.  Gradually you move into the wisdom-sharing stage of life, where you embrace your gifts and wisdom and share them with the world.

Right now, as you read this, you are part of a virtual circle of wisdom-sharers.  Close your eyes and imagine the other people reading these words through time and space.  Sense your inner wisdom joining theirs and flowing out to the world in a loving embrace.

This is what you were born for, to bring your gifts to life!

One of Eva’s gifts is helping people to relax and let go of stress so that the life force within their body can flow naturally, allowing healing to occur.  What does that feel like?  Imagine having stress and overwhelm leave your body so that you are more relaxed, both physically and emotionally.  (Some people even fall asleep.)

To celebrate her 60th birthday, Eva would like to share her gift with you at a special birthday month price.  Every healing energy session she gives in July will be at 60% of her normal rate, $39 instead of $65 for an hour session.

If you are interested or have questions call Eva at 303-390-1223 ext 1 or choose your session time in her online scheduler.

Eva is a trained Reiki practitioner at the master level and continues to expand her healing energy gifts with additional training.  She finds healing energy to be a wonderful path for impacting both people individually and the world around her.

Happy 60th Birthday Eva – and many more!