Not the Evening I Planned

Last night I looked up from the dining room table and saw smoke billowing in the kitchen.  Rushing in, I could see flames on the stove top.  I had filled the electric teapot and then put it on the stove burner instead of its heating base.

Not a good thing!

I hastily moved the teapot off the burner and looked for something to smother the flames.  I had vague recollections that flour wasn’t the best to use but couldn’t think of anything else.  So I gradually put flour on the burner and got the fire out – but not without wondering if I was going to need to call for help.  (Public service announcement: using baking soda or salt is much better than flour.)

Now the house was filled with the very smelly smoke of burning plastic.  I opened windows and turned on fans.  Then cleaned up the mess on the stove.

Not the evening I had planned!

After everything was under control I realized what a huge difference it made that I noticed the fire when I did.  That was the point where I turned the corner to keeping our house from burning down!

What are some of the corners you have turned that made a big difference in your life?

February has been a big month for turning corners in my life!

Four years ago this month Eva and I registered the Creative Life Center, LLC with the state of Colorado.  Turning that corner was the start of an adventurous journey that has been a life changing blessing for us.

Eleven years ago this month I began sharing a life changing process that uses images to tap into your own inner wisdom and to connect with your inner self.  SoulCollage® is now so ingrained in my life that I have a hard time remembering what I did before I found it!

Ready to turn a corner this month?  Check out SoulCollage®.  It’s a heck of a lot more fun than a fire and way easier than starting a company.   And I guarantee your life will shift for the better!

It’s simple.  No experience needed; all you do is cut and paste.   It’s also a natural magnet for deepening relationships and creating community.

Here is a great opportunity for you to try SoulCollage® and at the same time connect with support and guidance that will make a difference in your life!

Friends, Angels, and Other Lovers: A Retreat Day
Saturday, February 18th – 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm
Click here to learn more!

Not sure if SoulCollage® would be valuable for you?  Take a look at what these three women have to say.

Making the time for SoulCollage® is an incredible gift I give myself that carries me through everyday life. Marcia creates such a loving, safe, fun and inspirational space which allows me to expand in to the SoulCollage® experience even more. This sacred space has become a life line for me.  ~Buffy C., Denver, CO

SoulCollage® gatherings are a unique and very special way to meet with others searching for inner truth, trust, and opportunities to enhance their lives. There is a wonderful balance of structured vs. inner-directed time, so useful in making a short break from the stresses and routine of everyday life.  ~Vera A., Westminster, CO

Treat yourself to a SoulCollage® event through Creative Life Center. Marcia provides a wonderful and relevant-to-your-life experience. The programs I have experienced have been varied and interesting, always with a question or theme to challenge my heart, head and soul. Try it. You’ll be back for more! ~Nancy R, Arvada, CO