Growing Together

Division.  Opposition.  Us versus them.  You versus me.

Feel the strong energy in those words.  Powerful forces working against each other, often exploding on contact.   There is a lot of energy and frustration without forward movement.

Imagine what could be done if that energy was applied together rather than in opposition.

Joining.  Together.  We.  As One.

Last week Tom Brokaw talked about the biggest challenge in the United States, how to get everybody back together.  He said, “The way to work though it is to listen to both sides and see how we find common ground.”

Dan Rather talked about the crowds at the inauguration and the women’s marches in a  Facebook post.  “… Americans are actually participating in our democracy, whether in support of Trump or in protest, and to have an active electorate is not nothing.”

Brokaw and Rather are talking about togetherness that is not a mashing into one singular (and bland) point of view.  This togetherness is at a deeper level.  It is an understanding that we are connected together by the spark of life that is in each of us.  That connection is more important than differing politics, religions, or skin tones.

Feeling this deep inherent connection, allows you to stand in your truth at the same time that you value others who are standing in their different truths.  Combining power into mutual conversation leads to insights and changes.

This is difficult!  Just take one step at a time and know that some steps will be backwards.  Compassion is key, for yourself as well as others.


Taking care of yourself and all the emotions you are feeling is important so that you can reach out in togetherness.

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