Bring on the Shift

There are two paths that really transform us… the path of great love and the path of great suffering. ~Richard Rohr

At the recent Spiritual Direction of Colorado (SDCO) conference,  Richard Rohr talked about how great love and great suffering have the capacity to open your soul.  He described them as expansive spaces that can lead to transformation.


Think of the “honeymoon” period in new love or heart wrenching grief and how the time you travel through in those experiences is anything but ordinary.  Great love and great suffering share qualities that seed transformation:

  • Liminal space, a time between what was and what will be
  • Exposure to new ideas and understandings
  • Connection and support from others


You do not have to find great love or great suffering every time to you want to shift!  Luckily there are other experiences with those same qualities.

You can step into transformation by being part of a great experience.  A program like the SDCO conference has the qualities that invite change.   The Women’s Marches last weekend had those qualities.

Remember how you felt by the end of the last life changing event you attended?  You were in a bubble of time and space away from your regular life.  That’s the liminal space.  You were exposed to new ideas and experiences designed to open you to a shift.  The other people with you in the experience held the space and you with community and support.

Great love.  Great suffering.  Great Experience.

Whatever the path that brings you to the door of change, what you do next is key.  You can shake off this potential shift and step right back to where you were before you came to the event.  Or you can intentionally move the experiences forward with you into your life – to make them part of you.

Here are two steps to open the door and bring on the shift.

Step 1 – Remember the experience to really absorb it.

  • Go through your notes, pictures, and memories
  • Relive the event by telling others about it

Step 2 – Expand on the experience to make it your own.

  • Learn more about the ideas and related topics
  • Take small steps to change your attitudes and actions based on your new knowing

Are you looking for a change – big or small?  You don’t have to wait for great love or great suffering.  Find a workshop or event that will take you to the door to transformation.  Then open it!

Bring on the shift!

The whole purpose of the Creative Life Center is to offer opportunities for you to transform into being fully you.  Or as we say, “Find the You you love!”   Each event invites you to step out of your regular activities and into the sacred space of community to experience new ideas and ways of being.

Do any of these programs call to you?