Standing in Truth Together

There will be hundreds of thousands of women gathering on Saturday.  You almost surely know at least one person who will be marching on Washington D.C., Denver, Portland, or another city around the country.  You may be one of those marching.

Marching in Solidarity for Human Rights…
Sponsored by Women, For Everyone!

~Women’s March on Denver

This feels big – beyond a political rally, beyond a social media storm, beyond you and me.

What is it about these marches?  What calls people to them?

  • Solidarity
  • Empowerment
  • Standing in your truth

Being part of the masses of people gathering, whether you are there in person or joining by TV or social media is a powerful connection to others.  The solidarity of coming together is powerfully supportive.  It empowers you on an individual level to stand firm in your truth.

Standing up for who and what you are and speaking your truth.

Marching on Saturday is just one way to stand in your truth.  Here are three questions to lead you there.  Dream on them.  Journal about them.  Draw them.  Do SoulCollage® readings about them.   Drum them.  Ponder them in your heart.

  • What keeps me from standing in my truth?
  • What empowers me to stand in my truth?
  • What truth do I need to speak?

What will you be doing on this Saturday and the days ahead to stand in your truth?

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May you find solidarity and empowerment to stand in your truth every day!