Photograph of a woman looking through a telescope at a city below.

Which Way Are You Looking

‘Tis the time of year to look back and take it all in. Even Facebook knows it.  Did you see all the “Year in Review” posts being shared on Facebook?  Those holiday letters… yep they are a way for the writer to review what happened to them in 2016.

What do you like to do to wrap up your year?

Here’s a ritual to receive the blessings from 2016 and prepare to move into 2017.

  • Write for a few minutes about your 2016.  Jot down whatever comes to mind, in whatever order you remember: happenings, feelings, thoughts, adventures, things that fed your soul, creations, loses, connections, …
  • Say these words when you reach the labyrinth center.

I bring with me all that happened this year.   Those things that I am glad happened, those that I would not have chosen, and everything in between.  Each thing that happened in 2016 was a step that brought me to where I am now.  I open to receive the blessings from the past year and to release what does not need to go forward into 2017.

  • When you are ready, walk back out of the labyrinth.
  • Add thoughts about your labyrinth experience to the writing you carried with you on your walk.

This ritual could also be done with a finger labyrinth.  Click here to download a free finger labyrinth.

Speaking of reviewing the year… Click the picture below to for a quick review of our new moon walks in 2016.  They were amazing!  Thanks to everyone who joined us.  (Are you in this video?)

Here is another year end idea for you.  Walk out of this year and into the next!  Be part of our free community labyrinth walks on the last new moon of 2016 on Wednesday, December 28th and on the first new moon of 2017 on Saturday, January 28th.

Are you already thinking ahead to manifesting your dreams for the new year?  There is still room for you in Spiraling In To 2017: Your Sacred Path on Saturday, January 28th.  This afternoon is filled with experiences to quiet the mind and listen to your heart and soul and create the year that you desire.

Photo by Annie Spratt