Life Contains Magic

Magic doesn’t exist?  Sure it does!  “Magic” is really just you getting out of your own way and being open to what you can’t yet imagine.

It’s time to drop the ways that you limit your thinking and your life and to live the magic!

How?  There are already times when you open yourself up to fresh possibilities and new perspectives.  Think about how you feel in mornings, at the new moon, and at the start of a new year.  These are times when we naturally feel the expansiveness of new beginning and fresh starts – when we let magic in.

The first step to living the magic of open possibilities is to pay attention and explore the expansiveness of these cycles when magic sparks easily.


David Whyte’s poem What to Remember When Waking describes the magic alive in each morning as “a small opening into the day which closes the moment you begin your plans.”  Because “What you can plan is too small for you to live.”

New Moon

The new moon, cycled to fully dark, is a monthly reminder of newness and fresh starts.  You can deepen your experience of these gifts of the new moon by walking a labyrinth to release thoughts and feeling that are limiting you and open to the magic.

The Creative Life Center hosts a free community labyrinth walk on the morning of each new moon at a different labyrinth in the Denver – Boulder area.  Click here to join us!

New Year

You are only a few weeks away from the magic of starting a new year.  As you start 2017, step fully into the newness and open up to the magic!

Put them all together on Saturday, January 28th!  We designed a day to light the way for you to move forward into the 2017 that you desire.  You will combine the energies of the morning, new moon, and new year using the labyrinth and a circle of women.  Magic is definitely afoot!

The morning starts with a special labyrinth walk during this first new moon in 2017.  Ritual and intention guide you to let go of limitations and open to what is beyond your current imagining.  The Fresh Start 2017: New Moon Labyrinth Walk is free and open to all.  Read more here.

Deepen your experience with Spiraling In To 2017: Your Sacred Path.  This afternoon program is filled with experiences to quiet the mind and listen to your heart and soul as you bring light to questions like these:

  • How do I move from where I am to the place where I want to be in 2017?
  • What’s next? I’m looking for something better in 2017.
  • Where do I go from here? I’m ready for something new but I don’t know what.

Shift will happen and you will leave hope-filled with insight and clear steps forward into the magic of 2017.  Click here to be part of it!

Are you ready to step beyond the limits you make for yourself and into the magic of possibility? 

See you in the magic!