Healing Day by Day

There isn’t a day that goes by when Eva doesn’t use Reiki (“Ray Key”).

There was the woman who found the relaxation of her Reiki chair session so valuable that she brought her friend and her friend’s daughter over to release their stress.

Our retired neighbor has an injured back.  He has been trying all kinds of treatments without much success.  After his first Reiki session he felt so good he wanted to jump down the stairs.  (Eva didn’t let him!)  Combining Reiki with medical help from his doctor is helping him heal.

A friend’s mother was upset by a move into hospice.  Eva immediately sent long distance Reiki to support our friend who needed help too.   The hospice staff agreed that Reiki was a great idea to settle the energy in the room and in the mother.  A Reiki session eased the mother and brought color back to her face.

Every time Reiki is used it not only helps the person directly receiving it but also spreads much needed healing to the world.

Reiki hands

Would you like to be part of the network of global energy healers in bringing balance, peace, and love to the earth?  You can be!

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