When Life Gives You Pie

Eat it first!

One of the more brilliant traditions at our house is to eat pie on Thanksgiving morning while the turkey is cooking.  I don’t remember where we got the idea but we have lots of fun with it.  For the last several years we’ve been inviting friends and family to join us.  We get to see people who have other dinner commitments, and everyone gets to enjoy their pie while they still have room for it.

Think for a moment.  What Thanksgiving or other holiday food do you especially enjoy?  Is there something that makes your mouth water and fills your heart with longing as you think about it?

There is more to food than just the taste and feeding your body.

Cutting pieSure I like pie and have some of each but our Thanksgiving pie fest fills much more than my stomach.  I’m also nourished by connection with friends and family – talking and playing games.  The “breaking the rules” feeling of eating pie before our meal is just plain fun.  The more I think about our Thanksgiving pie, the more I realize how many ways it feeds my body and soul!

Back to the food you are hungry for…  What needs and desires does it fill for you?  What other ways can you satisfy them?

Now that I know more about what Thanksgiving morning pie does for me, I can find ways to nourish my life in those ways even when I’m not eating pie.  Anyone up for a little fun rule breaking?  Or an evening of pinochle?

Nourishing both your body and soul is a rich subject.  If this short taste left you hungry for more, there is room for you at the table this Saturday, November 5th at Recipes for the Soul.

The fire under your pot is the group of women gathered.  It’s a magic fire that sparks your inspiration and warms your heart with support.  There is nothing quite like a group of women to get things cooking!

Your stirring spoon is SoulCollage® – a magical process that uses images to bypass your thinking mind and talk directly with your heart and inner wisdom.  All supplies and instruction provided.

All you need to do choose to come to the morning or afternoon session or both.  (My suggestion – come feast on the whole day!)  Click here for more information and to get your piece of the “pie”!  Register now – there are only a few days left.

Chocolate chip pie