A Pinch of This and a Dash of That

Food.  It does so much more than feed your body.

You laugh at the  jokes…

What do you get after eating way too much turkey and dressing?  Dessert, of course!

And ooh and ah at the posts…

Facebook post for dessert bars

(Did you click to check out the recipe?  🙂 )

Food excites, heals, and expands you.

Close your eyes and imagine:

  • Sounds of bacon sizzling in the pan
  • Tangy sweet smells of an orange being peeled
  • Warm and savory sensations in a spoon of soup

This time of year brings smells and tastes that make your mouth water and fill your heart with desire.  Think of the comfort food, holiday meals, and cookie platters.

Will you feel regretful because you ate too much?  Or feel denied because you can’t eat what you would really like to?  Maybe you’ll find that you’ve eaten but you don’t feel satisfied?

Imagine how you would feel if you could nourish both your soul and your body this holiday season.

Bite into these questions as a start:

  • What foods call to me?
  • Why?  What needs and desires am I looking to fill?
  • How can I satisfy them?

If you are hungry for more, uncover your recipe for nourishment at:

Recipes for the Soul: Retreat Day
Saturday, November 5th

Bite of truffleWe created this program so you can find the “ingredients” in your favorite foods that nourish your soul without taking a bite.  And so when you do take a bite you are nourished in body and soul!

The fire under your pot is the group of women gathered together. There is nothing quite like a group of women to get things cooking!

Your stirring spoon is SoulCollage® – a marvelous process that uses images to bypass your thinking mind and talk directly with your heart and inner wisdom.

Create your own retreat experience by choosing the morning, the afternoon or both sessions!

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