The 3 Paths You Live


You walk three paths in life: Self, Relationship, and Community.   These separate paths connect and support each other.  They are symbolized by the triple spiral in the Creative Center logo.

Your Self path is your unique way of being.  The steps you take on this path move you deeper into knowing and claiming your authentic self rather than living someone else’s idea of what your life should be.  You are moving to your center, your most authentic core, and bringing your truest expression of identity and “soul” to all you do.

Connecting with the heart of who you are is the foundation to being fully who are you with someone else.

Honoring each otherYour Relationship path is your connection with valued others: friends, family, and co-workers.  This path is about increasing your fulfillment in your relationships and leaving behind the regret that you feel when you aren’t able to be fully yourself with someone.  You are moving toward the communication, affection, mutual respect and joy you would like to have in relationship.

Being authentically you in close relationships is the foundation for sharing yourself and your wisdom with a bigger community.

Eva presenting at Spiraling InYour Community path is your group connection.  The steps you take on this path lead you to blooming in community.  Here you are letting go of the idea that you don’t make any difference in the world and catching on to the realization that you are the only one who can bring your particular gifts, stories and experiences to life!

Sharing your unique way of being in community leads you back to connecting with your heart and inner wisdom.

Self, Relationship, and Community flow into and out of each other.  They are separate yet tied closely together.

Think about your own paths of Self, Relationship, and Community.  Can you see how they are different threads that weave together in your life?

You take steps on all three paths at any program or event at the Creative Life Center. The unique benefits to all three paths for an event are given in the event description on our website.  Here are the steps from Inspire Your Muse: Discover You that is coming up on October 8th.

Triple SpiralSelf –  You will be inspired to think of your creativity and life from a new perspective.
Relationship – Owning your personal expression, creatively and otherwise, is a step towards being authentically yourself in relationship with others.
Community – Experience a sense of spiritual/creative community that enables you to feel comfortable to express yourself authentically.

Each program has different benefits for these three paths and lists them at the bottom of its page.  Take a look at the different places you could go at these upcoming events: