Moving Away to Get Closer?

Last week I was frustrated with a change of direction that I was afraid was taking me off track.

I stewed for a bit and then understanding bubbled up.    This change in direction was just like what happens as you walk a labyrinth.  The path appears to be leading you to the center and then it veers away.  You see yourself moving farther from the center but the length of the path between you and the center is actually getting shorter.

Sometimes, what seems to be taking you away from your goal is actually moving you closer.

As soon as I understood what was happening in my life using this labyrinth metaphor, I felt fine and knew things would be OK.  Without having experienced the labyrinth, I would not have had a context for understanding what was happening and would have remained frustrated.

Imagine using the rich symbolism of the labyrinth to feel more at ease with the twisting and turning in your life!

Walking a labyrinth gives you a full body experience of the turns, changes of direction, and your journey along the path.  You are contained by the labyrinth and your view changes as you move along the path.  Our Fresh Start New Moon Labyrinth Walk gives you this soulful experience at a different labyrinth each month.

Here is the Boulder labyrinth you can walk on the September 1st new moon.  The mountains come into view as you walk.

Mountain view at CUCC in Boulder

Using a finger labyrinth is like zooming out so you can view the whole context.  You can see and experience the labyrinth journey from outside rather than inside.  Finger labyrinths are a handy spiritual tool that can be used easily, without having to go anywhere.  (Print a free finger labyrinth here.)

Using a finger labyrinth

These two ways to experience labyrinths complement each other and give you different views of any question or situation that you bring to the labyrinth.  Both finger labyrinths and a floor labyrinth are part of Spiraling In: Your Sacred Path to give you a multifaceted experience as you uncover your next steps.

The labyrinth in whatever form you use has guidance to support and inspire your journey.  Let’s cross paths on a labyrinth soon!   🙂