One Step, Blue Step

Life used to fit, but it no longer did.  I was feeling uncomfortable – itching for a change and not knowing exactly what.  I did know that I needed to do something to rekindle my spark.

Can you relate?  Maybe you are in this same situation or can see it approaching?

This was the fall of 2012.  Our two youngest kids were in the final years of high school, and my job as a mother was rapidly changing.  My day job was good at paying the bills and not so good at feeding my soul.  I could feel change on the horizon but couldn’t name it.

I felt lost and unhappy.  I needed to take some action to invite in this unknown shift.

One Step…  If something new was going to come into my life, I needed to make room for it.  Between work and family, my days were full.  I adjusted my work schedule to have Wednesday off and spend half of that day conversing with my inner self by creating and other methods of self-discovery.

Blue Step…  I still didn’t know what I wanted to manifest and yet I wanted to take some step that would start the shift.  I did know that I wanted my new life to really fit me.  I leveraged the self connection I was cultivating on Wednesdays to think of a step that would help the world see my colorful interior.  The idea I came up with was a big stepping out of the box for me and a visible sign that I was inviting in new possibilities.

I dyed my hair blue.

Luckily I have a great hair stylist…  I loved it!

Blue hair

Move forward a few months and the shift I was seeking took life as the Creative Life Center began to unfold.  Those steps I took made the difference.  I made space for change and self connection, and I stepped into living as me.  Without doing those things I would have stayed stuck.

Are you feeling out of sync with your life and ready for change to happen so you can feel content and happy again?  Imagine if you did your own One Step, Blue Step to get your shift rolling?  (You don’t have to dye your hair blue.)

  • One Step – Make space for change and connection with your inner self
  • Blue You Step – Take a step that expresses the inner you

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Walking the labyrinth - Spiraling In

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Journaling at Spiraling In
I felt hopeful seeing other women both struggling with, and finding solutions for, life’s challenges. I’m not alone in feeling the bumps. If others can find a path toward peace and happiness, so can I.   
~V, Denver, CO