What can I do?

Two weeks ago, shortly before midnight, Eva received a text from her son.  He was driving back to Idaho with his wife and two children after a visit to Colorado.  The text read, “We hit a deer.  Everyone is ok.  Car totaled.”

Now she was awake!

She could picture the four of them standing beside their car scared, frustrated, and hurting, with the two children crying after being jolted awake.

At first, Eva felt powerless and full of worry.  Then it dawned on her that she could actively help them by sending the soothing, relaxing energy of Reiki (pronounced “ray key”).  She sent Reiki for their safety, for their emotional and physical well being, and for them to feel held and supported during this traumatic time.

Eva’s sending of Reiki helped in two very powerful ways.  Giving Reiki empowered Eva and eased her physically and emotionally.  Reiki energy received by her son and family supported them as they waited for the police on a quiet road in Wyoming.

They got safely home the next morning.  Their minor injuries from the impact have been treated, and the kids are excited about their ride in a police car.

Eva is so grateful that she could call on her Reiki training both for herself and for them.  Without that training she would have spent the night awake, worried and anxious without a way to help.

Self Reiki - Marcia

Knowing how to give Reiki provides you with a way to create a positive shift in all kinds of life situations.

  • What if the next time you are with a friend who is overwhelmed by something going on in her life, you could give her Reiki to help her unwind?
  • Imagine how nice it would be to give yourself Reiki to relax on those nights that you come home from work frazzled.
  • On days that you are rattling around your empty house feeling disconnected and alone, you could give yourself Reiki to ground and connect yourself.

Reiki is powerful prayer.  It is a connection to the universal energy that flows all around and in us.  Maybe you have felt that energy looking at a beautiful sunset or standing in the center of the labyrinth completely relaxed?

Are you interested in learning how to be a conduit for this energy with Reiki?  Eva has a place in her upcoming training for you:

Balancing Life’s Changes with Reiki I
Saturday, August 20 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
(Easy access at the edge of Boulder and Louisville, CO)