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Feeling Overwhelmed by the Political Scene?

Are current events overwhelming your inner being?  Add in your own life changes and it’s a bit much!

You are trying to cope with a lot right now!  Being so busy sorting things out and adjusting to change drains your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy and leaves you out of balance.

Wouldn’t it be great to shift this?  Imagine how good it would feel to get your groove back.  Here are two simple ways you can feel more relaxed, grounded, and focused.

#1 Take a walk

Even a few minutes of walking can shift your energy – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The change of scenery and fresh air helps clear your head and open you up to a new point of view.  Plus it’s free and something that you can do just by walking out the door.  And you never know what will show up.


Pikachu joined me on a walk this week.  Which brings me to –

#2 Play

Weave play into your day.  Play expands your whole being and lightens your load!  The great thing about play is that there are unlimited options.  Pick something that you enjoy and go for it!

Games take your mind off of the news and into something directly within your influence.  Qwirkle and Rummikub are two good ones.  Pokémon Go is adding whimsy and something new into my summer.  (And I’m walking and playing at the same time. 😎 )

MandalaCreating is a wonderful way to play:

  • doodle with markers or colored pencils
  • whip up something in the kitchen
  • plant a fairy garden
  • drum to your own beat


What about those times when you don’t have the time or aren’t in a good place to walk or play?

Eva Morrell

Eva has three great tips to quickly get your energy flowing more smoothly wherever you are.  She will be sharing these simple ways to use healing energy during:

3 Ways to Renew Your Energy to Flow with Life Changes

This free program has been tailored for women like you who are weighed down with life changes and looking for tips to:

  • renew your energy
  • unwind your stress and anxiety
  • untangle your emotions

Does this sound like something that would help you out?  We are happy to tell you that this program is being offered both online and in person.  Pick the one that works best for you – or come to both!

  • Watch Eva via a video here on our website.  You’ll be able to type in your comments and questions.  Live: Friday, July 29th at 10:00 am MT.   If you can’t make it live, the program will be recorded for you to watch later.  You do need to register to see this video.  Click here to register now!
  • Join Eva in person for a hands on experience.  Saturday, July 30th at 10:00 am at our Boulder/Louisville location.  Click here to save your place!

Do you have one or two friends who are coping with a lot and would like to feel more relaxed, grounded, and focused — to be in balance again?  Please tell them about this program!

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 3 Ways to Renew Your Energy to Flow With Life Changes Facebook Post

We are all in this together!  Politics and other life challenges are here to stay.   Does walking or playing help your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy?   Are you registered for Eva’s free program?  Let us know if there is another way that we can help you.