Standing in the center of the labyrinth, looking at the mountains

Get a Fresh Start!

This spring we started hosting free labyrinth walks on the morning of each new moon.  Now that we have been doing the Fresh Start walks for a bit, it’s time to pause and reflect to see if this is a good path for us.

Do you remember my last blog post – Are you on the Right Path? Four Questions to Find Out.?  I’m using those four questions to reflect on the Fresh Start walks.

1. How are we feeling?

We enjoy the women who come to the walks, and each time we leave a walk we are happy and relaxed.  I feel like I have the best job in the world when I’m checking out a new labyrinth, and I love doing live Facebook videos to show them to you!  These emotions are all good signs that this is a good path to be on right now.

2. How is my body doing?

When I think about our decision, a smile comes to my face and there is a relaxed lightness in my chest.  There is definitely a “rightness” for hosting the new moon walks in my body.

3. What is happening around us?

The most amazing “message” we experienced was literally stopping a garbage truck at the first walk.  The driver had no idea what a labyrinth was, and felt drawn to find out what all of those people walking around were doing.  I still can’t get over that!  (Read the full story here.)

My personal thumbs up sign, a yellow swallowtail butterfly, joined us during the last walk.

Yellow swallowtail butterfly on yellow lily

The women that come to walks are incredible messages that this is a good path.  Whether they are new to labyrinths or they have walked many, doing the Fresh Start walk is a meaningful experience and they leave shifted.

List of people's labyrinth walk expereinces

4. What is my inner wisdom telling me?

I pulled a SoulCollage® card (without looking) to check in with my inner voice.

Ganesh SoulCollage® card

My Ganesh card showed up with this message:

I Am One Who removes obstacles.
I Am One Who opens the way to what is beyond and not yet in focus.
I Am One Who opens you and others to what is coming and not yet here.

My inner wisdom is telling me that these walks have a reason for being.

My reflection with these four questions is an affirmation on multiple levels that, yes, the Fresh Start New Moon Labyrinth Walks are a great path for us to be on and for us to offer to you!

You can now register for each new moon walk individually.  We will send you a pre walk email with ideas to enhance your walk and detailed directions with parking information.  (If you had previously registered for new moon walk reminders, please go to the Fresh Start event page and register for the specific walks that you are planning to attend.  The old list is being phased out.)

You won’t want to miss the labyrinth we are walking for the August new moon.  I’m super excited about it!  Imagine yourself in a large grassy meadow with a rushing stream on one side, tall mountain evergreens on the other, and a labyrinth in the middle.  Can you smell the fresh mountain air?  So very much worth the easy drive to Evergreen.  You can bring a picnic lunch to eat after you walk.  I am!

Church of the Transfiguration Labyrinth Evergreen Evergreen labyrinth 500

August Fresh Start: New Moon Walk
Tuesday, August 2nd at 10:30 am
Outdoor labyrinth at Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
27640 Highway 74 – Evergreen, Colorado

Do these walks sounds like something that would feed your soul?  We would love to have you join us!  Click here details and to register.

Tap into the power of stopping to pause and reflect in your life.  Then move forward with a fresh start.