Photograph of a dirt path with a wooden rail fence on the right side. The path has green brush on either side.

Are you on the Right Path? Four Questions to Find Out.

Once you have made a choice, how do you know when you are on the right path?  After making a choice and moving down the path a bit, it is good to pause and look around to verify that this is the way for you to go.

1. How are you feeling?  

Has your emotional state improved?  Not every choice will leave you gloriously happy but if you are feeling upbeat with anticipation of what is ahead that is a sign that you are on a good path.

2. What is your body doing?

Your body reflects your state of being.  Take a few moments to remember a past choice you made that was a good one.  Where do you feel the “rightness” of that choice in your body?  Now come back to the present and to your current path.  Do you feel a “rightness” for this path in your body?

3. What is happening around you?  

Yellow swallowtail butterfly on yellow lilyWatch for messages about your path that are sent through your experiences.  Is there an animal that keeps crossing your path to tell you something?  Are you seeing lots of green lights as you drive?  Maybe the song that plays as your alarm comes on in the morning speaks about your choice?

4. What is your inner wisdom telling you?  

Think about your dreams.  Have they been giving you messages that verify your path as a good one?   Journaling and SoulCollage® are great tools to use to listen to what your inner wisdom has to say about your path.

Use a labyrinth to seek answers for any or all of these four questions. 

Labyrinth shadow

  • At the entrance to the labyrinth, say (aloud or to yourself) the question(s) you are asking during this walk.
  • Breathe deeply and walk in.  Be present as you walk; be relaxed and gently watch your thoughts, feelings, body, and what is happening around you.
  • At the Center, repeat your question(s).  Journal or think about the responses that appear.
  • Walk out as you walked in, relaxed and aware.
  • After your walk, repeat your questions(s).  Journal or think about the question(s) and your experience of the walk.

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