Colorful, abstract oil pastel drawing

Give me a sign!

There are days when it feels like everyone else knows where they are going and has gotten “a message” to do what they are doing.  And it is easy to wonder “Just where is my guiding sign?!”

Three steps to get your own guidance!

1. Be open to unexpected sources

Messages don’t usually come as a voice booming from the sky to tell you to do something grandiose.  (Like building an ark. 🙂 )  Messages are often a gentle inner nudge.  The person you chat with may give you a nugget to follow.  A passage from a book you read may shimmer with ideas.  The discussion you overhear can offer tidbits.

2. Engage in the conversation

Guidance is more than a one way, one time transmission.  Join in the conversation by taking steps in response to what you “hear” and then watching for replies.  The more you follow through and explore, the more guidance comes your way.

3. Recognize what is happening

It’s easy to miss the guidance you are receiving.  Once you start paying attention to the path you took to get to any particular opportunity or place you can look for messages and signs in the steps that brought you there.  As you start to notice, you see more of your guiding messages.

Here is the flow in action:

The Source:  A friend of mine did a live Facebook video back in April, and it caught my eye.  I hadn’t seen one before and I was intrigued.  (At this point I didn’t realize this was a message.)

Guiding Conversation:  I searched for how to do a live video.  Out of curiosity, I tried one.  I was amazed at how much fun I had!  Videos had never appealed much to me, and I would not have tried them without the message I received through Suzanne.  Now I was in the conversation, playing with live videos and being guided to new ideas and tools.

Recognition: I have this whole new activity that feeds my soul, and I can see the trail that brought me here with guidance and messages.  I feel blessed and guided.

My live videos can be messages for others.  Click the image that follows to watch my short live Facebook video from this week and see if it has a nugget for you.

Picture of a live video post from Facebook.

If you have questions or a topic you would like me to share about in a live video, let me know with a comment on this blog post, a reply in email, or posting in the Wisdom-sharing Path Facebook group.

If  you have been getting a message to spend time taking care of you, here are opportunities for you to step into that guided conversation.

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