Bring it Home – Don’t let it Bounce off

What do you do to move a new idea or way of doing things out of your head and into your being?

It’s so easy to get excited about something you learn from a book, workshop, or elsewhere and then just never quite bring that learning into your life.

This situation was my topic in a live video this week.  Click the picture below to watch.  (How else are you going to know what’s up with this big green spiral thing? 🙂 )

Integrating New Ideas Video

I’m compiling a list of different ways to integrate new ways of being and new ideas into one’s life.  In the video I mentioned:

  1. Journaling
  2. Creating something that brings a feeling, image, or symbol of the idea into something concrete and tangible.
  3. Music – maybe drumming or singing
  4. Sharing the new idea in a conversation with a friend

Another suggestion came up in our Facebook group, Wisdom-sharing Path.

5. Morning pages – three pages of stream of consciousnesses writing each morning.  (This exercise comes from The Artist Way by Julia Cameron.)

I know there are many other ways.  I’d love to add your way to my list.  Please add a comment, email me (, or post in Wisdom-sharing Path.

Get tools to bring new ideas into bloom in your life from two great programs coming up soon at the Center.  As of today there is still room for you!

Connect with the Heartbeat of Mother Earth: Create Your Own Drum
Saturday, July 16   9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Make your own Native American style drum.  After this program you’ll be all set to drum new ideas into your being!  Click here for details and registration

Inspiring Your Creativity – Spending the Day with Georgia O’Keeffe
Saturday, July 23   10 am to 4 pm

No experience or materials needed.  After this program, you’ll be filling the front of your refridgerator with drawings as you explore new ideas.  Click here for details and registration