Brainstorming with Your Inner Wisdom

Here’s a short and simple way to brainstorm with your inner wisdom and see what she has to tell you.

Let your responses bubble up without overthinking or questioning.  Just keep writing and see what appears.  Or if you would rather talk, ask someone to scribe for you or record your sentences with your phone.

  1. Get your paper or phone ready
  2. Sit comfortably and feel the chair under you and your feet on the floor
  3. Take three deep breaths to settle into your body and the present moment
  4. Finish this sentence 5 times: “I wonder …”
  5. Reread or listen to your responses
  6. Journal about whatever you notice:
    • Feelings in your body
    • Your reactions to completing the sentences or rereading them
    • Similarities and differences in the sentences
    • Aha’s that appear

Alternative Ideas

  • Write your sentences and journal about them sitting in the center of a labyrinth.
  • Finish the sentence 100 times.  Repetition is fine – just keep writing.
  • Hold the phrase “I wonder …” gently inside you and then draw a picture with oil pastels.

I wonder what your inner wisdom has to tell you.  🙂

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