What if being you is the answer?

What is my path?  Why am I here?  What is my calling?  My how we go around and around with these kind of questions!

What if being you, bringing your truest self to the world, is the answer?

You are here, now, in this place to be YOU.  Your path is to connect with your inner light and wisdom – to know yourself.  Your calling is to bring your gifts to the world, because no one else can.

How does that sit with you?  Where do you go with this idea?

Knowing yourself is a life long process to enjoy.  You are full of many levels and continuously evolving to boot!  Looking at yourself in new ways opens new layers of self understanding.

Have you used the Four Directions to explore where you are and to move forward to where you want to go?

The directions can do more than merely guide us from one location to another.  They are a rich resource to call on to experience our personal truth by highlighting spiritual, natural, physical and mental influences in our lives. The Four Directions impact our spirit, mind, and body in ways that keep energy flowing in our lives to produce balance and growth.

Each of the directions is tied to the simple truths that we live by: belonging, generosity, independence, and mastery.  An imbalance of the directions can result in feelings of rejection, failure, regret or fearful vulnerability.

Explore these questions to notice how you unconsciously relate to the directions:

  • Which direction do you head and where do you turn when you take a walk?
  • Do you face a particular direction when you are taking a moment to quiet your mind?
  • When you are doing physical activity do you choose to face one direction over the other?

Try one of these activities to tune into your response to the directions:

  • Face east.  Breath deeply and notice the sensations in your body and the thoughts coming to you.  Repeat with the other three directions.
  • Write north at the top of a paper.  Make a list of 50-100 things that come to your mind.  Do this quickly, without judging or overthinking.  Duplicates are not a problem.  What do you notice about the list?  Repeat with the other three directions.

Deepen your understanding of the Four Directions and learn to use them for self understanding and personal growth.

Finding Your Bearings: Guided by the Four Directions
Pathway of: Personal Exploration
Saturday, April 30th, 2016 – 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Event Location: Creative Life Center at St. Andrew, Arvada, CO

Use nature as a guide to look inward and attune to the spirit of each direction.  Honor and respect the unique way the spirit of each direction presents itself to you through SoulCollage®, a wonderful process that leverages the ability of images to access your inner wisdom while quieting the thinking, linear mind.  More…

You, bringing your truest self to the world, is the answer.  There are so many ways to uncover and express your personal truth.  Enjoy!