Cutting and Pasting Our Lives Together

Ten years ago a group of women, who were only loosely associated with each other, gathered at our house.   What a difference 10 years makes!  Now we are a community, connected together by mutual time spent looking into our individual souls and seeking to befriend what we found.

What happened along the way?  SoulCollage® guided the path of our transformation.  We gathered every month or so, bringing our desire to understand ourselves and opening to the power of SoulCollage® to use images to connect us to our inner wisdom.  We explored the process together.  Making cards and using them to know ourselves better and to grow, personally and spiritually.

Making a SoulCollage® card

While we each do SoulCollage® on our own, the process is so enhanced in a group that, ten years later, we still gather for afternoons, days, and once a year a weekend full of companionship.  All centered around SoulCollage®, a process we have grown to love.

SoulCollage® card making

SoulCollage® together

At our celebration of ten years of sharing our souls and growing together, we embraced the amazing process of SoulCollage® and the fullness of our involvement in the process with this reading.


We celebrate
the questing
and the returning home
the moments of transformation
and the times of spiraling around again
the aha’s
and the confusion
the inspiration
and the mystery!

SoulCollage® reading

Our group is an example of the amazing things can spring from a single afternoon spent with others who are seeking to life their lives authentically and fully.  Magic happens when people come together to deepen their understanding and appreciation of themselves!

Dedicated to my Soul Sisters and the connections we have cut and pasted together!

You can create magic for yourself.  Get a taste of the SoulCollage® adventure at our complimentary webinar: Talking with Your Inner Self: An Introduction to SoulCollage®.  Better yet invite a few friends to watch it with you and see what happens!  Click here for free registration.