Creation, Conversation, Tears, and Laughter

Poetry is an examination and celebration of our individual lives, which is also an affirmation of all women’s lives.  Our lives are made richer by exploration and reflection and our lives matter–they are worthy of making art!  ~Carolyn Jennings, Poet

Do you hear the beauty of what Carolyn is saying?

You are worthy of respect and exploration, enrichment and affirmation.  Your life is worthy material for sharing.  Sharing your wisdom through creation, conversation, and even tears and laughter is your birthright and honors all women’s lives.

Looking to help the world value and benefit from the wisdom of women?  Help the world move forward with these steps:

  • Value your self and express your wisdom in a form that is comfortable for you
  •  Appreciate the varied expression of wisdom by other women

The Creative Life Center is ready to support you in taking those steps.  We invite you to reclaim your worthiness and express your wisdom and also offer you opportunities to experience wisdom shared by others.

International Women's Day LogoA once a year opportunity is our kick up your heels celebration of International Women’s Day.  We celebrate the positive benefits to the world from the alchemy of both genders in equal connection and community.

If you are outside of Colorado – click here to find an International Women’s Day event near you.

If you are in Colorado, join us at our 3rd annual celebration of International Women’s Day.

Expressions of Women’s Wisdom: An International Women’s Day Celebration
Saturday, March 5th from 7 pm to 9 pm
Boulder, Colorado

Carolyn JenningsHeart-warming community and conversation, delicious food, and rich sharing of wisdom make this a night to remember.  Honored guests include:

Click here for more information and to register.

Susan Helen Strok KindredSpirits MixedMedia USA

“Kindred Spirits” © Susan Helen Strok 2013

You, your attention, and yes, your celebration make a difference in bringing the wisdom of women to the world!