You Deserve to be on the Radar

When I was learning to paint and choosing my signature, my teacher suggested avoiding a name that reflected being a female.  That was thirty years ago.  I was young and just shrugged it off as a game that needed to be played.  Now I see the undermining message  – that I am seen as less of an artist because I am female.

Female artists and their work are devalued by not being seen and recognized.  Great female artists in history are overlooked and unknown, isolating creative females from their lineage.  One of the standard books on art history (Janson’s History of Art) has only 27 women represented in over 1100 pages.  Back in the 1980’s (when I was choosing my signature) there weren’t any women included.

Creative females also have limited exposure to current role models.  51% of visual artists are women and yet the number of solo exhibitions in major galleries and museums is closer to half of that percentage.

The wisdom shared through creative expression of over half of the people in the world is being discouraged and ignored.  Imagine what a difference that makes.

They deserve to be on the radar.  You deserve to be on the radar.  What can you do?


Here’s a great opportunity to get familiar with female artists and to express your own wisdom through creativity!  Suzanne Frazier is presenting a series of experiential, contemplative art programs focusing on women’s expression in art history and the world today.  Now is the time to register!

Female artists – up close and in-person (and clothed 🙂 )!  Come see local female artists and poets at Expressions of Women’s Wisdom: An International Women’s Day Celebration on Saturday, March 5th.