Where Our Paths Weave Together

Our paths cross and mingle, but we don’t often see it.  What if you saw the weaving of your path with others?

Last weekend we set up a spiral labyrinth at the Spiritual Direction of Colorado conference.  Rocks created the boundaries, and people used markers to draw into the center and back out.

SDCO 2106 spiral in progress

When the rocks were removed, the resulting lines wove a visual reminder of all the people who had walked the labyrinth during the conference.  You can see how people moved through the space of the conference in their own way and yet co-created the space together.  A different group of people would have created both a different conference experience and a different weaving of lines.

SDCO 2016 spiral

The next day I went to my favorite labyrinth and found footprints in the snow of another person who had walked it earlier.  As I walked, I wondered about the other person whose path was now mingled with mine.  Our connection was strongest at the center, where I followed in their steps and experienced the center in a new way.

AUMC labyrinth center with snow path

There is a mystical weaving of paths through time.  When I walk this labyrinth that I have walked for over 10 years, I sometimes think of the many paths that I have made through it, and the many me’s that made those paths.

Charlie Brown said it well in A Charlie Brown Christmas.  (Click here to listen to this clip from Charlie Brown himself.)

“Don’t think of it as dust. Think of it as maybe the soil of some great past civilization. Maybe the soil of ancient Babylon. It staggers the imagination. He may be carrying soil that was trod upon by Solomon, or even Nebuchudnezzar.”  ~Charlie Brown

Next time you sit down, think for a moment of all the people that have sat in that church pew, park bench, theater seat, or bus stop.  At a visit to my parents church, I imagined my path weaving with my mom’s as she walked up the stairs to be married over 50 years before.

The richness of the weaving of our paths…  It staggers the imagination and brings insight, connection, and mystical blessing to our lives.

Where have you seen or sensed the weaving of your path with another path?  Please share your experience in the comments or in the Center Facebook group, Wisdom-sharing Path.

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