Happy NOW Year

This poem is a great reminder of the potency of this very moment.  (Tony Christie graciously gave me permission to share it.)   The newness and potential celebrated in the turn into the new year can be found in each new moment.

Here’s an simple ritual to create 2016 as a NOW Year.  All you need is a finger labyrinth.  (You can download our free one here.)

  1. Put your finger at the labyrinth entrance.  Take 3 slow deep breaths to come into this moment.
  2. Say (out loud or to yourself) “I loosen the hold of the past and the seduction of the future.”
  3. Move your finger along the path into the labyrinth center, releasing the distractions of the past and the future.
  4. When you reach the center, say “I live fully in the current moment.
  5. Pause in the center and breath deeply, receiving the moment.
  6. Move your finger back along the same path to the labyrinth exit.
  7. At the exit as you return to your day, say “I know that each moment is full of newness and potential.

Use this ritual once a day for several days and notice what changes for you.

We have been talking about this poem and ritual in our Facebook group, Wisdom-sharing path.  You are invited to add your experience and wisdom to the sharing.  Click here and ask to be added to the group.

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